molto morte

(2006-2007): A trio of notoriously lawless and brutal cowboys, La Squadra Safari, are hired by a bitter tycoon. His trophy wife and her leather bound lover hit the road under the guise of a kidnapping. The Quest for Justice is turned over to the hands of hell.

Delving into the unknown, the three cowboys meet their ghosts, morph in and out of dopplegangers and travel through time. The Squadra hit the bottle and drink their way through the landscape of Sergio Leone. Dark corridors are lit by the glow of their cigars. Chased by the ugly and hounded by men on stallions from times past they force their way into the underground where ghosts are waiting to wreak havoc upon their souls. Molto Morte is a circus of bizarre non-sensical sequences, faked deaths and eerie landscapes. 

Safari Team present a short film projected inside a handmade cinema. The work focuses on three-way artistic collaboration, viewer experience and the manipulation of egos through film genres. Safari Team’s aesthetic involves high-energy, second-hand materials and lo-fi technology. 

Molto Morte was shown as part of the 2008 Next Wave Festival at TCB art inc, We Left The Warm Stable And Entered The Latex Void in Montreal, Canada and Firstdraft Gallery in Sydney.

Safari Team - Molto Morte from Safari Team on Vimeo.